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Welcome To Pelican’s Wharf!

Welcome to Pelican’s Wharf. We have finally launched our website www.pelicanswharf.com to bring the flavor of Louisiana to the world. We are adding product on a daily basis from Louisiana that show what our great state is all about. We are working with Amazon as we begin this journey, as we grow we will be bringing actual artists from Louisiana to our site. We have a number of artists in mind, from crafts, food, art, jewelry, and photos of Louisiana.
As we grow and the internet and social media becomes aware of this website, we will continue to grow our product line. As you search through this site you are going to find all types of products that any friend or Family member will love, even if they are not from Louisiana. We have added products such as T-shirts, Jewelry, Christmas items, Art, Books, Music, etc.
Why are we doing this? To begin a journey to help kids, Families, our veterans, first responders, and pastors. Some of the programs we are starting, such as Drug Endangerment of Children, working with pastors and churches to keep kids off the street, and after school programs in Churches in the area. The next step will be to build a Kid’s and Adult Camp to bring kids, Adults, along with families that need help to be heal, or just have fun at a summer camp. We are in discussion with others to help our homeless with tiny houses along with jobs, and a retreat veterans, Military, and First responders.
How does the website fit into this plan, First, we will make our consumers aware of the need and issues that these people are dealing with on a daily bases. Second raise money to begin these programs. Thirdly, Pelican’s Wharf will become a company that will support these programs through a percent of the profit, to under write the cost of the programs. Our goal at Pelican’s Wharf is to make sure that these programs will survive without donations.
Yes the non-profit, Lighthouse Family Outreach will raise donations through gifts, concerts, Conference’s, and Camps, but will not totally depend on those donation funding dollars to survive. Over the years we have seem so many non-profits depend only on donations, and when hard times come their people and programs get hurt. Our non-profit organization is and will not be setup totally dependent on donations.
Thank you for being a part of this journey. With your prayers and support we will be able to help people heal, grow, and know the unconditional love that they deserve. Looking forward to communicating with you as you become a part of this journey.
If you see products on Amazon you like let us know, we will add them so that you can buy from us. We will create a special portal for you so you will be able to buy product of your choosing, our email address is info@pelicanswharf.com.

Website site www.pelicanswharf.com

Welcome to Pelican’s Wharf, let the Journey begin.

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